Meet The Team


Shelley Regis Owner/Trainer

Hello, I am Shelley Regis, Owner/Founder of ReCore Integrated Wellness and Core Fitness 101. 

I started my own journey to become healthy and strong about 10 years ago and have never looked back! Being Healthy and Active is key to being a great trainer/coach!

I have gotten some of my best programming skills, ideas and mental fortitude through my own training and without it, I wouldn't be where I am today! I take that same pride in every single client I get the pleasure of working with.


I take a natural approach to health and fitness while giving clients the tools they need to perform better, prevent injuries, and increase the functional level of activities in everyday life. Specifically, I look for the most effective, efficient and exciting program for every client. I am committed to making sure each one of my clients attain his or her goals smartly and safely.

These 1-on-1 sessions and/or small group sessions are held in a private studio and are designed to focus on you as an individual and will help you find "yourself" through exercise!

What sets Core Fitness 101 apart...We don't just run you through the motions. We treat your sessions/workouts as "Escapes." This is often the only time in our client's day that they get to work on themselves, so all of our one-on-one sessions will help you become the best "version" of you, let off some steam from the day and guide you along the way.

We offer a complimentary pre-training consultation and physical examination to determine physical needs, training objectives and solid goals to every client then a complete integrative program is then designed and implemented specific to each clients individual needs.


Karol Helms Trainer/Coach

Karol is a Charlotte NC Native who was a pioneer in the early days of pole dancing for fitness movement. It is through this taboo of interest that Karol found her love of movement, performance and her passion for heath and fitness. 

Pole Dancing requires total body strength, stability, flexibility and mobility. With her unique background and perspective in aerial based movement, Karol designes her fitness programs and bootcamp classes to not only help you burn calories or lose weight, but to help you build a strong, balanced body that is built on a solid foundation of core strength, mobility and stability. 

Being a strong believer that you can achieve absolutely anything you set your mind to, Karol's true passion is helping others realize those goals while discovering their own inner strength and passion for fitness.


Robin Scharding Senior Fitness Specialist

Meet our Senior Fitness Specialist Robin! She has joined the ReCore fam and we couldn't be more excited!

Robin has a passion for learning and sharing day to day actions for do-able, effective healthy living…especially within the Senior community. Influenced by her past employment that exposed many levels of aging, combined with her own personal desire to “live life young” has brought her passions into the realm of Senior Fitness Trainer and Nutritional Coach. Her philosophy and life motto demonstrates that you CAN age youthfully and happily when you include exercise, healthy eating and fun!


Robin enjoys seeing others realize healthy change through her various small group and personal training sessions. Her sessions are individually created; targeting your specific weight, fitness goals and needs. She does this while also utilizing important time-tested movements for improving and retaining balance, increasing strength and flexibility.

It’s never too early or too late to work toward fall prevention, improved posture, coordination and most importantly – functional movements that are crucial to everyday independent living!

Robin invites you to join her “movement” to live life young"!


Robin Scharding CPT, A.N.C.

Senior Fitness Specialist


(All sessions are based on per month period and expire in 30 days.)

4 - 45 min sessions - $200

($50 per session)

8 - 45 min sessions - $360

($45 per session)

12 - 45 min sessions - $480

($40 per session)



4 - 45 min sessions - $140

($35 per session)

8 - 45 min sessions - $240

($30 per session)

12 - 45 min sessions - $300

($25 per session)


$99 per month Unlimited Class Pass -autodraft

Core Client Drop-In - $10

Other Drop-In - $15

ReCore Class Pass Punchcard - $108 12 classes